Villas B'alam Ya, Km. 4 Carr. Sta. Catarina Palopó, Panajachel - Sololá

Galiano Coffee Lab (GCL) Blend: 1/3 Azotea Coffee Estate roasted by GCL, 1/3 Yeman and 1/3 Galapagos roasted by Kafeum Roaster in Konstanz, Germany.

One of our best coffees yet....a cortado giving wonderful complexity, a Chateau d'Yquem of coffee, with mild acidity, enjoyable sour with hints of cherry, grapefruit, macadamia, some faint floral notes, peppery, many mild light to bitter chocolate aromas, wine, cigarette ash-faintly smokey, a bit of a phenol taste, good mouthfeel, a delicate sweetness, and a lingering exquisite aftertaste over all range of flavours; we never experienced a coffee like this before! 


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