Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters

Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters
Victoria, BC, Canada

We bought this online and had it shipped across 5 provinces for $6. We are very happy with the quality, the fresh smell and uniqueness.

As an aeropress, we ground 25 grams and poured 3 oz of 201 water to let it stand for 25 seconds, than press firmly. The aeropress coffee with milk is very sweet chocolate-ly and balanced. Even at 9 days after roasting the coffee has an unbelievable freshness to it.

Soon we will try it as an espresso and let you know how it goes!
update: Espresso was just as unique. I can't overstate the freshness of this coffee and how Eleven Speed shipped our coffee fresh rather then whatever was available.
Eleven Speed Coffee Roasters Victoria BC Canada


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