Fernando´s Kaffee, 7a Avenida Norte #43 D, Antigua, Guatemala

This morning we walked the beautifully colored walled streets of Antigua from the hotel-restaurant Panza Verde to Fernando's Kaffee for an espresso. 

Fernando roasts his own coffee as well as chocolate. He has a piston espresso machine made in Italy that seems to pull-off (pardon the pun) some very nice shots, full of chocolate tasting flavours and hints of sour and sweet. The milk he uses is of good quality and makes a difference in final taste. I highly rate his espresso's and other types of coffees! And he is an excellent chocolate producer as well! It is refreshing to be able to order a cortado and have the Barista actually understand what you are asking for!!!

On a second visit, Fernando had time to give us a detailed tour of his facilities where we saw his roaster that is gas fired with a convection fan and chocolate making equipment ,got to sample some chocolate while in production. Fernando is actually able to roast evenly to a medium roast in just 6 minutes using this convection gas fired roaster — very amazing! This is a man who explores and knows his craft very well.


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