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Aeropress Review

Aeropress Review  In preparing to review the Aeropress, we downloaded recipes from the World Aeropress Championship Website . After trying many of the recipes, both the fine grind and coarse grind versions, we came away wanting more, wanting a method that would satisfy our questions, and flavour & taste receptors. We wanted to know if it was possible to make an espresso-like drink with the Aeropress, mostly because we are a deeply curious bunch, but also we wanted a tasty method for our non-electric cabins that we were living in for 3 months...We were very pleased by the results. Press has hard as possible  Pre-heat plunger Pre-soak the paper filter Grind 27 grams of coffee using a Porlex hand grinder (or roughly the entire contents from a toped up Porlex) Use 90 grams of 95 Celsius water (or fill only to the #2 mark on the Aeropress) 10 seconds of stirring Plunge as hard as possible Details: Place the plunger a