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Star Pours: May the Froth be with you

Star Pours: A new Hepa From Papua New Guinea to Nepal, then from Germany to Canada (and for completeness,  I suppose originally from Ethiopia) the Nepal Mount Everest Supreme beans travelled most-way around the world before finding their way to our cups. Papua New Guinea:  Forty-six years following Hillary and Tenzin's surmounting of Everest, a humble PNG bean made the attempt. It ascended 500 m before taking root.   Nepal: Grown on Mt Everest?- well actually 100 km away in the foothills of the Himalayas. Still, the Plantec Coffee Estate in the district of Nuwakot is the northernmost coffee grown in the world. Germany: Hepa Roastery, Wiesbaden is a tucked away, nondescript establishment, who have been roasting for more than sixty years. It is still unclear whether their name is an acronym for an air filter or the Hawaii Environmental Policy Act. Canada: Home to the GCL, where we espressed the Hepa NMES (perhaps also the name of a Navy vessel) and expressed such cri