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The Bottlestore, Wellington, New Zealand

Booze betwixt beans? Bizzarre. A mild brew, with a touch of grit, lacking complexity, with a bit of buzz. Surpirsingly served supersized. Only a five minute walk from Mojo.

Mojo, Thordon, Wellington, New Zealand

Dr. Mojo's marvellous medicine is good for what ails'ya. Superb for the afternoon. Superb staff. Absolutely superb cups.

Old Man Rock, Queenstown, NZ

Latte. Not bad, a touch burnt for the afternoon. And no particularly outstanding flavours. Best aspect was the shooting star design upon the froth, achieved via the milk-before-coffee method as it is untechnically known. Service: apalling (among many incidents within the time it takes to drink a cawfee, the owner stood on customers tables). Best aspect is the outside tables which offer the afternoon sunshine.